Nauka o informacji – darmowy dostęp do czasopism naukowych

Sage poinformowało o udostępnieniu za darmo pełnych roczników sześciu czasopism z dziedziny nauki o informacji. Są to: Health Informatics Journal, Business Information Review, Information Development, Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, Journal of Information Science oraz IFLA Journal, czasopismo publikowane przez International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. Z czasopism tych bezpłatnie korzystać można do końca sierpnia.


Information DevelopmentInformation Development is a peer-reviewed journal that provides authoritative coverage of current developments in the provision, management and use of information throughout the world, with particular emphasis on the information needs and problems of developing countries. It deals with both the development of information systems, services and skills, and the role of information in personal and national development. (Więcej o czasopiśmie)

Journal of Librarianship and Information ScienceJournal of Librarianship and Information Science is the peer-reviewed international quarterly journal for librarians, information scientists, specialists, managers and educators interested in keeping up to date with the most recent issues and developments in the field. In a profession facing many challenges and a constantly evolving environment, the Journal of Librarianship and Information Science publishes papers from practising librarians, information workers and academics which reflect all aspects of librarianship and information science focusing on the results of research, reports of significant developments in working practice and discussions of concerns central to the information profession. The journal publishes original papers and review articles, viewpoints and book reviews. (Więcej o czasopiśmie)

Journal of Information ScienceThe Journal of Information Science is an international journal of high repute covering topics of interest to all those researching and working in the sciences of information and knowledge management. The Editors welcome material on any aspect of information science theory, policy, application or practice that will advance thinking in the field. (Więcej o czasopiśmie)

IFLA JournalIFLA Journal is an international journal which publishes original peer reviewed articles, a selection of peer reviewed IFLA conference papers, and news of current IFLA activities. Content is selected to reflect the variety of the international information profession, ranging from freedom of access to information, knowledge management, services to the visually impaired and intellectual property. (Więcej o czasopiśmie)

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